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Stop running away from the sun and less-than-ideal times of shooting! "Soak Up the Sun," is designed to help you take control of the light you were once so afraid of and put you back in the driver seat. Jump into the technical side of photography and how to create using direct sun, full sun, open shade, no shade, golden hour, sun-flares and blue hour... all in one session! This course will leave you feeling confident and ready to take on the sun... in it's very different forms!

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Ace Fanning

"I do not want to go... but I do want to be invited."
  - Ace Fanning

Ace is the life of the party, until he decides he hates everyone and just wants to be back home. A portrait photographer based out of Phoenix, AZ, with over 13 years of running his own business. Ace is an overly emotional human being, but as an instructor, he harps on the technical side of photography. His biggest goal is to help photographers find their confidence by helping them understand what the hell they are actually doing with their cameras. Ace's greatest accomplishment to date is leading his team to victory, not once, but twice, at Camp Unraveled!

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