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‘The Lovers Shoot’ is a juicy 3-week online workshop that follows me through a couples session from beginning to end, and all the juicy steps and details that fall in between. We talk about pre-shoot prep, getting out of awkward posing situations, creating authentically emotive images, editing and so so much more. And since it is online, you can take this workshop from anywhere and at your own pace. Work on it between shoots, or after you put the kids to bed....anytime, anyplace. And at the end of each week there is homework for you, which is an opportunity to put your new learnings into practice. This workshop is definitely for those interested in couples photography, but also very valuable for wedding and family photographers as well. You will walk away from this workshop with many new tools as well as an understanding of how to create real authentic emotion in your images. You will also get tons of insight into how I run an efficient and delicious shoot from beginning to end. Join me!


Anna is a Fine Art wedding and brand photographer based in Portland Oregon where she lives beautifully with a 6 year old wildechilde Thea Love and a little black kitten named Tibb. She loves putting a random e on the end of words and dresses in black 90% of the time. Besides her chosen tribe, her heart is filled with tea, cinema, cheese, yoga, sewing, unmatched socks and adventuring.
Self Guided Workshop
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Self-Guided Workshop At Your Own Place
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