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this ones for the misfits. 

we've hand selected instructors, who we believe to be creative trailblazers, who aren't looking to fit inside any box. They are bold, quirky and unequivocally themselves. Their art is unique and a true outward expression of who they are... and they are ready to inspire you to do the same.
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Write your awesome label here.

step outside the lines.

being an artist is not about creating inside the lines, it is about daring to step outside of them. it is about leaving your inhibitions behind and stepping into the real you, no matter what anyone else thinks...
l o v e
l u s t
p a s s i o n
p o w e r
p r i d e
s t r e n g t h

six    u n i q u e    courses

Each lesson will be an in-depth look at these topics: intimate couples, families, self portraiture, maternity, birth, newborns, and working with models. Our instructors will hold nothing back in their teachings. The best part? You will be able to ask them anything and everything during their live!!

p r i v a t e   facebook   g r o u p

the Outliers facebook group will be our central hub outside of the workshop. this group will become your lifeline to one another, but also to your trailblazers and workshop moderators. the Outliers facebook group will be where everyone submits assignments and challenges!

w e e k l y   l i v e s

each week there will be two scheduled lives to ask questions and get feedback about your progress during Outliers. if you can't make it, don't stress, the lives will be recorded and available to watch whenever you can find the time. lives also serve as the perfect opportunity to get to know one another on a face-to-face level.

editing  v i d eo s

just as unique as their process is behind the camera, so is their process post shoot. follow along as each trailblazer walks us through their editing and gives us their favorite tips and tricks for creating their own unique pieces of art.
l i f e t i m e   access
no expiration date whatsoever. we don't want you to feel rushed during any part of this process– you will have access to all of the Outliers content for life. forever and ever, amen.

c r e a t i v e    c h a l l e n g e

creative challenges have been such a hit in our unraveled community, we thought this would be a perfect fit for Outliers. at the end of our 3 weeks, everyone is welcome to submit an image to our creative challenge– instructors and moderators will choose one winner to receive a next level prize.

behind  t h e  scenes  v i d e o s

each week, go behind the scenes with a new trailblazer as they bring us into their creative process. follow along and see how unique each process is from the others.
b o n u s  p d f s 
you will find bonus pdfs throughout the workshop that will highlight key learning points from your trailblazers. these pdfs include their top tips and will break down all of their learning points into easy-to-understand takeaways.

am i ready for Outliers?

Outliers is an experience dedicated to changing things up– whether you are a beginner or a pro, it's not about your skillset level... it's about your willingness to grow. these three weeks are designed to help push you creatively to see things from a new perspective and to create like you've never created before. if you are feeling bored, uninspired, worn-out and suffocated by your work, then yes, you are 100% ready for Outliers.

how much time will i need to dedicate to Outliers each week?

Outliers is a three week commitment. each week two new sections will be released and that section will be our focus for the week. every section of Outliers will include a LIVE designed to ask questions and seek feedback from that sections trailblazer. along with incredible content, each section will come with a "challenge" to create. these challenges are optional, but definitely add to your overall experience.  Outliers is not a race, while two new sections will be released each week– you can move at your own pace.

if i have to miss a week of Outliers, will i be completely lost or behind?

nope. while Outliers does have certain aspects that revolve around the schedule (lives + challenges)– everything can be replayed and viewed at your own pace. you will also have lifetime access to all of the Outliers content– no expiration whatsoever.

can i get on a payment plan for Outliers?

payment plans are available for Outliers, however, payment plans cannot be used with any special offers or discounts and your first payment must be received no later than February 15th. 
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