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Empowering Women Of Color Through Photography, With Toni Black, Traci Lester, J'aime Davis and Chinelle Rojas

This is a ground-breaking Mastercourse that aspires to break down the stereotypes and misconceptions behind women of color in life and business, educate the public, as well as inspire and empower all people to connect, support and validate one another on their creative journeys, despite their race or color. Students will not only learn history but they will learn how to be inclusive in their business model, expose for different skin tones, and shoot what matters most. Image by Don Foxx

Chinelle Rojas

Chinelle is a wife, mom, activist, brand designer, and birth photographer and videographer located in Tampa, Florida. She started her photography journey late 2010, shot her first birth in the spring of 2011 and is passionate about all things birth. She is an activist in the birth community and founder of Birth United, a community dedicated to the representation of families of color in birth and whose mission is to bring awareness to women of color of the options available to them through the imagery of birth. 

Traci Lester

Traci is an emotive family photographer located in High Point, NC- primarily focusing on the beauty and light in motherhood. She strives to remind us of the power in the small moments that we have all become numb to through her images, and loves the challenge of capturing beauty in the ordinary. Motivated by her two sons, Traci never gave up on her dream of being a full time photographer. Her number one affirmation is, “I never want to tell my sons that I used to be…....” . Hopefully, through her, they will see that following your heart through life is the best thing you could ever choose to do. 

J'aime Davis

J'aime is a hobbyist photographer who can walk into several Starbucks, be identified by name and drink, and who not only drinks coffee for her own well being, but for the well being of others. She left corporate life behind after being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Daily Headaches--all within a two month time frame---purchased a camera and never looked back. Photography has been therapeutic for her and truth be told, she likes editing more than actually taking images. When you don't find her editing (or negotiating with her ten-year-old to take pictures), you will find her watching reality tv, cooking and trying new recipes, wishing she was good at food photography or that she had her own cooking show, or shopping, or drinking coffee. 

Toni Black

Toni Black is a branding and intimate lifestyle portrait photographer based in Dallas, TX. She is also the founder of the blog Body Undefined, a Boudoir and Intimate Lifestyle Portraits blog that showcases the beautiful bodies of diasporic black women. She's passionate about elevating black women, because she feels their bodies are hypersexualized, fetishized and coveted, instead of being loved and respected. Her goal is to uplift black women by helping them reconnect to their divine selves. When she's not traveling with her work, she's home with her 2 kids and baby dog Xander, Aidyn and Jazz.