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What is the Artists View?

The Artist’s View is a NEW educational offering at Unraveled Academy!  It is a webinar based learning experience that allows you into the minds of your favorite artists in a virtual group setting at an affordable price.  You will be able to see the artist's process and have the opportunity to ask direct questions. 

Join us in taking your photography education to a whole new level, and a price you cannot afford to miss out on!


Join Sasha Casta live as she takes a creative twist in traditional fine art portraits inspired by Romantic poets and paintings. Watch Sasha work with a model to bring her vision to life!  From inspiration to fruition, you will observe her process, working with a model en vivo, to gain access into her mind's eye and through her lens.  

Part 1:  Follow along as Sasha poses her model by natural indoor light with a focus on botanicals. (30 minutes)

Part 2:  During the next set up Sasha will create a whole new set up with the model in a dark space lit by candlelight with an emphasis on the romance between light and shadow.  (30 minutes)

Part 3: Live Q&A where you can ask Sasha anything pertaining to the shoot, inspiration, her process…she is an open book and has a wealth of information!  (approximately 30-60 minutes)

This offering will be held February 19th, 2024 from 11AM-1PM (MST).

Can't make that time slot? No problem!
The educational LIVE will be recorded and any sign ups will be sent a link to the playback! 

The Artist's View: Live Webinar with Sasha Casta

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Come and learn from the incredible Sasha Casta during a LIVE two hour educational experience!  She will take you behind the scenes of an indoor photoshoot with her model in two separate scenes inspired by poetry and paintings. The first scene will be in a natural light scenario and focus on botanicals and artistic portraits while the second will be a low light scenario and will emphasize romance, shadows and candlelight. 

 This offering will be held February 19th, 2024 from 11AM-1PM (MST).
 Can't make that time slot? No problem!
 This educational LIVE will be recorded and any sign ups will be sent a link to the playback! 


Sasha Casta

If Sasha was a landscape she would be an odd combination of a wind-whipped, full-sun desert, and an old growth forest drenched in fog. She hails from the prairies of Alberta Canada, where she spends most of her days planning to clean her house but never actually getting around to doing it. She talks to trees, is currently trying (and failing) to learn the language of the crows, and she is convinced that her two children are little fairies, gifted to her from the otherworld. Art is her mother tongue and since starting photography 2 years ago, she hasn’t been able to focus on much else.