We want YOU as an educator in the Unraveled Community. But we know you are busy. So, we have created a new way for you to connect with our community quickly and efficiently! Get in and get out – and make money doing it!! 

At Unraveled Academy we don't believe there is a right or a wrong way to create! One of our biggest goals is to expose our community to as many different perspectives and insights as humanly possible! The photography industry is constantly trying to push artists into these neat and tidy little boxes, but we understand that the creative process is a messy one that can't be contained within a box! We want YOU and we want YOUR way of creating– whether you think it's right or wrong!
350 Buckaroos!
We value your time and talent! We also understand the energy it takes to put together a quality LIVE experience. So, we want to make sure that you are rightfully compensated for sharing your craft with our community!!
We will share about your LIVE beforehand in the Facebook Group, which may drum up some questions for you to focus on during your LIVE! Otherwise, questions will just pop up as people are watching! Do your best to answer any questions!
Spread the word! We want everyone who loves YOU and everyone who wants to learn from YOU to be there for your LIVE! We will provide you with a special code that you can share with your audience for a discount on their first month at Unraveled!
After your LIVE we ask that you come back to the Facebook Group and share at least 10 images from your session! We want to see the final product of what you've created! We will also use these images for marketing the playback of your Facebook Live!
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Going into your LIVE with a game plan is definitely helpful! Brainstorm your strengths beforehand and cater to what is going to make you feel the most at home!
Having a plan is GREAT, but also, this is LIVE baby and sometimes, no matter how much you plan, things will go to shit! Be prepared to just roll with the punches!
We aren't looking for you to know everything! If part of your process feels like a little bit of "good luck" and you're terminology is a little "back-woods"– we invite it! We are interested in YOUR process– however messy it may be!
Forgot what you were saying? Yell out your settings! Can't think of what to do next? Give us those settings! If all else fails... settings! Photographer's are itching for this!
You may feel like you're over-explaining something, but I promise you– you aren't! Sometimes its the simplest of things that you do without even thinking about it!
Listen... I know we said there is NO way to fuck this up, but if the audience can't hear you, it's not gonna be great! Don't be afraid to check in with the audience and make sure they can hear you! Be loud, we know you can do it!
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Window Light + Saran Wrap Creative Session
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Indoor Lifestyle Family Session
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High School Senior Session
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Getting Creative with Maternity Sessions
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Creative Self Portraits
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70's Studio Maternity Session