We just want you to know that WE SEE YOU and we know everyone is struggling with social media and being SEEN right now. So we want to do what we can to help you get in front of more people. SO, if you are creating any photography educational reels (or reels that resonate with photographers), invite Unraveled Academy as a collaborator when posting so we have the option to also share that reel and reach even more people!!


We are open to any and all ideas related to photography, but here are some reel ideas we would love to collaborate on: 
  • Posing ideas for kids, newborns, families + couples
  • Camera tricks or settings
  • How to run a successful session (or mini session)
  • Understanding light
  • Composition and layering
  • Wedding gear must-haves
  • Prop ideas
  • Color theory
  • Editing tips 
  • How to nail sunflare
  • Tips for sessions
  • Shooting in at golden hour or blue hour
  • Styling
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Need some help making reels?

Check out this reel on making reels that Unraveled instructor, Tiffany Benacquista created for us    
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