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Who We Are

Our community is made up of creatives. We are doers, thinkers, dreamers, and welcomers. We enjoy art and each other because we understand that art is inspired by the life we live. From experts to beginners, we're in this together. It's more than just taking pictures. We've built this community on the belief that we must nurture the artist as a whole.  With your membership, you'll have full-time access to all of our courses and lessons at no extra cost. We deliver a wide array of photography topics, editing videos, Lightroom tutorials, starting and growing your business, health & wellness, and so much more.

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Emily Thompson Schofield Photo
Emily Thompson Schofield
Jennifer Kapala Photo
Jennifer Kapala
Jessi Snapp Photo
Jessi Snapp
Mackenzie C. Free Photo
Mackenzie C. Free
Kristey Fritz Martin Photo
Kristey Fritz Martin
Melissa Bissell Photo
Melissa Bissell
Mandi Johnson Photo
Mandi Johnson
Alexandria Warden Photo
Alexandria Warden
Allie Wilson Photo
Allie Wilson
Angela Chevalier O'Connell Photo
Angela Chevalier O'Connell
Amanda Dietschweiler Photo
Amanda Dietschweiler
Murielle Cascone Photo
Murielle Cascone
Stephanie Poiter Photo
Stephanie Poiter